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Evening amusements:

1) Overheard at an anti-Hugo Chavez gallery opening show last night: "You have got to wear a red leather thong."

Pause, followed by:

"And they have them next door!"

(They did. However, although these were in theory handcrafted art items that just happened to also fulfill the useful purposes of being leather thongs and thus useful, and were on sale, absolutely none of us were in the slightest bit tempted to buy them because, and I am extremely unhappy to have to say this about a thong of any sort, they wree also hideously ugly.)

Many of you are no doubt wondering what the hell I was doing at an anti-Hugo Chavez art show in the first place, and I will be open and honest with you: I was at the wrong art show, which is what happens when two people spontaneously decide to head to art show without really checking for directions or, even more importantly, the name of the gallery. I'm still not entirely certain that art show number two was the correct show either, but art show number two did have more food, louder music and considerably cheaper wine. It was, we were advised, the Loud Thing of the evening, which was a perfectly adequate description, and, I may add, considerably more successful than the anti-Hugo Chavez art show.

2) I would be more inclined to purchase anti-Hugo Chavez art pieces if a) they matched my furniture and b) the writing on them was spelled correctly in either English or Spanish. Highly annoying.

3) The whole art show=dancing at gay club right afterwards is just, so, you know, cliched, but on a late July evening, sometimes you must bow to cliche and to the opportunity to dance with some drag queens, and we were not ones to fight cliche.

4) I must literally be the only woman in Broward County who can walk into a gay club and within seconds be pounced on by a straight Brazilian guy who was, he told me only slightly confidentially, looking both for a happy time that evening and preferably the happy time that involves two women and one Brazilian man. I noted that I did not think the club in question was quite the best place to pick up women for this sort of happy time, and, somewhat to my surprise, he agreed, saying that he was having problems finding "real women" there (by which I assume he meant women interested in annoying Brazilians) a statement that was overheard with interest by a very kind and thoughtful MTF transexual who, after thinking it over, agreed with me that we really ought to give him directions to a club that might better suit his needs.

We sent him to Cathode Ray.

You can look it up on the net, if you like. Skip the articles that look scientific.

All in all, a highly amusing evening.


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