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Through Immortal Shadows Singing now available for pre-order!

I'm very pleased to announce that Through Immortal Shadows Singing, my epic novella in poetry, is now available for preorder from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other retailers!

And by epic, I do mean epic - the 170 pages do include a table of contents and things like that, but this is about 167 pages of poetry.

Here's the blurb:

Maligned for her beauty, cursed for her role in causing a war, she has rarely been given her chance to tell her tale. Now Helen of Troy's voice breaks free, offering a new vision in this epic lyrical sequence that follows her journey from Sparta to Troy, from earth to hell, and back. A stunning debut novella from Mari Ness, THROUGH IMMORTAL SHADOWS SINGING will transform your view of Helen and the Trojan War, in a soaring poem of love and war, healing and pain, hatred and triumph.

I had huge problems trying to pick a quote from the book, but here's two small tastes of the poetry inside:

I walk, knowing that the queen of death
may name me sister, that the
cry of the hunt
shares my blood, that I share a father
with the Fates.


Bone on silver,
silver on bone,
the sound of a harp
the memory of dream.

Available April 25.
xmas me

Through Immortal Shadows Singing

So, some time ago I wrote an epic poem.

No, I mean a really epic poem. The saga of Helen of Troy, in her voice and song, in 29,000 words, more or less. (What the business calls "novella" length, or "short novel.") With more left over that might pop into a companion volume later or into separate poems here and there; haven't decided. Once it was over, I looked at it and thought, what on earth am I going to do with this?

And now that the contracts are mostly signed, oh readers, I can tell you:

Papaveria Press will be publishing my experimental novella-in-poetry, Through Immortal Shadows Singing, some point in early summer of next year.

If for some reason you don't know Papaveria, they publish absolutely stunning books of myth and poetry and song, and I am so pleased to be a small part of this. I'll have far more to say once we reach the end of spring.

....and now I go collapse. Stunningly long day already.