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Notes from last night's excursion to CityPlace with felisdemens, we_happy_few and maxymyllyn:

1. Not content with selling corrugated cardboard chairs for a cool $850 each, Cityplace has now moved into new heights of trendy expenditure with Bolufe, (which oddly enough does not seem to have much of a working webpage, and you'll see why this is odd in a second), which sells T-shirts for, and I have witnesses to this, a cool $289 each. And if this isn't enough for you, a pair of jeans retails for a not unreasonable $320. (Bonus: the jeans come with ultra cute embroidery.) Not surprisingly nobody even let me try them on.

A recent article describes Bolufe as offering "glamorous chill," which is, I suppose, one way to describe the feeling of having a pair of $320 jeans on your butt, and adds that these are the clothes that glamourous movie stars wear when they're trying to look as if they're dressing down, presumably because the first thing that stars want to do after achieving success and piles of money is to ensure that their butts feel cold.

2. Quite possibly to help people handle the stress of living in a world where people can actually sell T-shirts at this price, CityPlace now finally has gained the one thing needed to turn an overpriced shopping experience into nirvana:

A store that sells fudge.

I didn't actually buy any, but it was there, gleaming at me through shiny windows. Bonus: the fudge is sold right across from Starbucks. Downside: it's right next to the trendy T-shirt place, and it's not inconceivable that the combination of sugar, chocolate and latte goodness could drive you into sudden shopping decisions that you may later regret.

3. But we were actually there not to answer critical questions about American consumerism, Starbucks or fudge, but to see a movie, settling on The Simpsons a cultural milestone movie that asks the critical question, why, oh why, oh why, is anyone bringing an infant, or a four year old, or a three year old, to the 8:55 Friday night showing, especially since this is at a theatre with childcare facilities screaming to be made use of, and the related question: if you are going to show up wearing large rubber Simpsons masks, including a very poorly fitting Krusty the Clown mask, why hide in the upper seats where we can't make fun of you throughout the film? (We did, however, enjoy the brief amusing moment when they walked in, paused, and put thoughtful fingers to their rubber heads, because seeing a live Krusty the Clown attempt to look thoughtful is always amusing.)

Oh, and the movie? Recommended for people needing several dumb laughs, and for anyone, like me, who has dreamed about arming the EPA so that they can do something. Really do something. Even if it leads to pig problems and motorcycle stunts and a brilliant swipe at Fox Television and – oh, just go see it.

4. Alas, CityPlace has decided to stick with its ill-advised decision to charge for parking, a decision that not only makes the previous mildly annoying attempts to leave into a mildly nightmarish experience of not really leaving, but also means that you may find yourself briefly stalked by three people in Simpsons masks sitting in a car right behind you.


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