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mariness's Journal

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Mari Ness
Greetings, and welcome to my small corner of LiveJournal.

I blog about whatever might come to mind here -- and since I'm a speculative fiction writer, dabbler in marine biology, devourer of books, movie freak, general geek, and multiple other things, depending upon the time of day, the time of year, the time of week, and the amount of coffee and chocolate in my system, that can be a lot, or nothing at all. I have been gifted with the friendship of two remarkable cats: The Little One, who loves you and thinks he should be in your lap right now, and the Grey One, who does not love you and thinks you should admire her beauty at a safe distance right now. Both share the conviction that laptops are cat beds.

If you want to friend me, go ahead - no need to ask. Please note that my own friends list has started to get rather long, so I may not friend you back, though I do try to read everyone who has friended me from time to time, when real life permits.

If you are looking for movie snark, it's here.

You can find a partial list of things I've written over at my Wordpress blog. I threw the list over there because, honestly, LJ's inability to have separate pages for individual things in your profile made this list unwieldy. That page has everything nicely separated into short fiction, poetry, flash fiction and upcoming books/other projects.

Tales bound in paper and cyberwebs

Stronger Than the Wind, Stronger Than the Sea, in Demeter's Spicebox, July 2013

The Godmother, Marmalette, and Palatina in Missing Links and Secret Histories, Aquaduct Press, July 2013 (DRM-free ebook available at Weightless Books

The Princess and Her Tale in Daily Science Fiction, May 2013

Labyrinth, in Apex Magazine, December 2012

Safe, in Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed, Graveside Tales, December 2012

A Cellar of Terrible Things, in Shimmer, Issue 15, July 2012

Nameless, in Daily Science Fiction, April 2012

Copper, Iron, Blood and Love, Apex Magazine, March 2012

And the Hollow Space Inside, Clarkesworld Magazine, February 2012

In the Pits of Isfhan, Red Penny Papers, December 2011

The Woods, Their Hearts, My Blood, Jabberwocky, October 2011

"Twelve Days of Dragons," Fantastique Unfettered, September 2011

Trickster, in Clarkesworld, June 2011

Love in the Absence of Mosquitoes, in The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, May 2011 (Locus Recommended)

Sister and Bones, in Demeter's Spicebox, April 2011

Mademoiselle and the Chevalier, in Fantasy Magazine, November 2010. (Selected as one of storySouth's Million Writers Award notable stories of 2010)

"Twittering the Stars," in Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF., Solaris Books, March 2010

"Ravens," in The Phantom Queen Awakes, Morrigan Books, February 2010

"The Fuddles of Oz," in Shadows of the Emerald City, Northern Frights Publishing, October 2009.

Playing with Spades, in Fantasy Magazine, August 2009

Wooden Apologies, in Farrago's Wainscot, July 2009.

Choking on Red Flowers, in The Edge of Propinquity, May 2009.

Dreams of Elephants and Ice, in The Three Lobed Burning Eye, November 2008.

"The End of Time," in Desolate Places, Hadley Rille Books, October 2008

The Shadow in the Mirror, in Fantasy Magazine, May 2008

Remembering Sara, Coyote Wild, Summer 2007

Assistant, Reflection's Edge, May 2007

Kittensplodge and the Awful Correspondence, Reflection's Edge, January 2006

Shorter tales bound in cyberwebs (stories under 1000 words)

Shattered Amber, Daily Science Fiction, November 2012
The Agreement, Abyss and Apex, July 2012
Nettles, Scheherezade's Bequest/Cabinet des Fees, May 2012
A Different Rain, in Daily Science Fiction, March 2012.
Sparks, in Daily Science Fiction, September 2010
Bonfire and Pearls, in Cabinet Des Fees, a Journal of Fairy Tales, September 2010
Believing, in Everyday Weirdness, July 2010. (Not that I have anything against Tinkerbell or anything!)
Exile, in Everyday Weirdness, July 2010.
Shifting, in Everyday Weirdness, June 2010.
And in its absence, hunger, in Everyday Weirdness, March 2010.
Singing the Herons, in Everyday Weirdness, January 2010.
The Ties That Bind, in Everyday Weirdness, January 2010.
Rumpled Skin, in Ideomancer, December 2009. (part of a fairy tale series)
A Twisted Light, in Everyday Weirdness, November 2009.
Dust, in Everyday Weirdness, August 2009.
Creation in Everyday Weirdness, July 2009.
The Fabulous Life and Terrible Revenge of V. Sandwich, at Dog Oil Press, May 2009
The Otter, at Every Day Fiction, May 2009
Pogo Stick, at Everyday Weirdness, April 2009
Gravestones, at Hub Fiction, March 2009 (pdf file).
Transport, at Everyday Weirdness, March 2009.
Remembering Fur, at Cabinet des Fees, March 2009. (part of a fairy tale series)
Planting, at Southern Fried Weirdness, March 2009.
Colors, at Everyday Weirdness, January 2009.
On the Edge of Breathing, in A Fly In Amber, January 2009.
The Well, in Les Bonnes Fees, September 2008.
The Shoes, in Every Day Fiction, September 2008. (Part of a fairy tale series)
Glass Dancing, in Dog Versus Sandwich, June 2008. (Part of a fairy tale series)
A Letter to his Imperial Majesty, Aslan, in McSweeney's Internet Tendency, May 2008
How to Stew an Alien, Antipodean SF, February 2006
Refrigerator, Susurrus, December 2005
Broomsticks, Café Irreal, November 2005
Letter to an Overly Ambitious Alien Chef of the Future, Reflection's Edge, September 2005

and...microfiction, very short stories under 144 characters in Thaumatrope, Nanoism and Outshine.


Rahab, Through the Gate, August 2012
Sisters, Strange Horizons, July 2012
Reversals, Goblin Fruit, Summer 2012 (July)
Laurels, in Bull Spec #7, Spring 2012 (May)
Ariadne, in inkscrawl, April 2012
Tongueless, in Strange Horizons, February 2012
Unmelted, in Goblin Fruit, Winter 2012 (February 2012)
"Silence" and "Raven Singing," in Mythic Delirium, issue 25, December 2011
Do Not Imagine, in Future Lovecraft, Innsmouth Free Press, December 2011
Frenzy, in Abyss and Apex, October 2011
Cold Comfort, in Star Ship Sofa, Poetry Planet, October 2011 (part of a podcast)
The Sea Torn Heart, in inkscrawl, September 2011
"Petals," in Bull Spec, issue 6, Autumn 2011 (also available in pdf/online format)
Encantada, in Stone Telling, June 2011
Grandma and the Puka, Nile Song, and Soul Streets in Ideomancer, March 2011
Snowmelt, in Goblin Fruit, Winter 2011
Quoth the Cultist, in Innsmouth Free Press, June 2010 (parody poem)
"Dancing" and "Sleep," in Kaleidotrope, April 2010
Transformation, Goblin Fruit, Winter 2010 (January)
Hunger, Goblin Fruit, Fall 2009 (October).
"Ino," in Aoife's Kiss (the print zine), March 2009
Power, Aoife's Kiss, March 2009.
Blood and Scales, The Harrow, February 2009.
The Price, Polu Texni, December 2008
Searching, Polu Texni, December 2008
Decisions, QuickFic, December 2008
Waterdance, QuickFic, November 2008
Mermaid, Aberrant Dreams, January 2008
Waiting, OG's Speculative Fiction, January 2008
Bear, Aphelion Webzine, August 2005


The Oz Reread Project up at Tor.com (reviews and discussions of all of the Famous Forty Oz books, including those by Ruth Plumly Thompson, John R. Neill, Jack Snow, Rachel Cosgrove and Eloise and Lauren McGraw, the films, Baum's other books, and Gregory Maguire's Wicked series).
The Narnia Reread at Tor.com.
Other posts on classic works of children's literature up at Tor.com.
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra: Ninjas GO AT IT, in Fantasy Magazine, August 2009.
Inconsistencies of World Building, in the Internet Review of Science Fiction, September 2008.


"A Convenient Removal," in Fictitious Force, April 2008 (short story)
"The Swing," The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 3 (short story)
"Stage," The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 2 (short story)


In November 2006, this blog started tracking the activities of demented killer squirrels. Watch the madness with me. And if you need a general feel for the blog, other notable posts from 2002-early 2007 are listed here.

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