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Five years of blogging:

So, what with one thing or another, I completely missed the fifth anniversary of this blog.

Wow. That's been awhile, hasn't it?

My initial thought was to write something deep, something poignant, something meaningful, something witty, some extraordinarily insightful observation about blogging and its transformation of society, or something about rampaging killer raccoons, but the most I could think of was the goodness of eating chocolate chip cookies, so I took the easy way out, and instead, am offering you links to some of the more memorable posts of the past few years. I may update this list from time to time.

My all time favorites are marked with an asterisk, like this: *

Miscellaneous posts:

The X-men post. (Added by popular demand.)

The Mission.

I can't boil an egg.

* Evil duckies.

What might have resulted from a WB/UPN merger.

* The writing process.

Swimming with sharks.

Lessons learned from the weekend.

Dolphin sperm. Related: How to identify the skeleton of a beaked whale. Only mildly related: * Santa Claus and the penguins.

What color is the library?

The truth about me and Brad Pitt's underwear.

The conversation at Wendy's.

Removing violence from the universe.

Shakespeare by the Sea.

The alligator story.


Proof that I'm not the worst geek out there.


Some of the cat posts:

Cats and shower curtains.

Cats and fireworks.

Cats and business suits.

Jigsaw puzzles and cats.

Cold, cats and car engines.

The Grey One and the bathtub.

Travelling posts:

* Clowns, fetish parties and dagger fights around a hot tub. (Phoenix Sword people, we mean you.)

The toothpaste.

Footwear and the Atlanta airport.


Best comment left on my LJ, bar none.

Best comments I left on someone else's LJ, bar none. (Read the entire thing. Trust me. It's worth it.)

The post that generated the most e-mails.

Movie reviews:

* Brothers Grimm

National Treasure.

King Arthur.


(I rarely do these, but I will make the occasional exception.)

The Ten Things Meme.

* q.

Chain poems:

Chain poem one: The tale of a lady and a hat.

Chain poem two: The seduction of a fedora hat.

* The tragic tale of a rubber duckie.

Silly poems:

It's 9 o'clock on a Wednesday.

The Bunnywock.

And finally, two more serious posts:

Reaction to the 2004 election. (Incidentally, this also gives you a short introduction to how I realized I was bisexual.)

The open letter to the president about Katrina and its aftereffects. Noted here not so much because I'm especially fond of it, but because this entry generated almost as much e-mail as the post about the microfiber bra, which says something.


In skimming over this blog, I did notice a mildly distressing change: a shift from a focus on funny stories, events, and commentaries towards more posts filled with just links, and occasional comments on links, a tendency that's become even more marked in recent months. This is partly because during the first few years of this blog, my daytime job required me to do a lot of travel, which led to multiple stories, and this travel was later supplemented by silly marine biology stories from my classes. My current job requires me to surf the internet and try not to kill people on my twice weekly commutes to Miami, which does not exactly provide the same conditions for humor, and my current marine biology status involves slowly writing a paper, which, as entertainment goes, doesn't have quite the same thrill as explaining how to push sharks through water.

Of course, this week I've watched a two year old drop ice cream into a hot tub and removed a rat from the apartment, so assuming that mildly to very bizarre events will continue to pepper my life.

The review also showed me that my sense of humour comes and goes – I wasn't all that funny this past April, for example – and that, like bizarreness, seems to flicker in and out of my life. Hmm. Must develop sense of humour exercises. Like many aspects of life, that's something that needs constant nurturing. I predict webcomics and comedy shows in my near future.


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May. 2nd, 2007 01:58 pm (UTC)
Phoenix Swords people

I'd like to blame the strangeness on marrying into the family but incidents like
* Skinny dipping with a man named Mungo
* Owning a Guinea Pig named "Penis" who had a penchant for eating cannabis
* Five people many years later confessing they lost their virginity in your living room-possibly *at the same time*
* Someone saying "Yeah, I was the guy at your party in the Haz-mat suit" wasn't enough to narrow it down.

Are all mine to claim.
Happy 5th anniversary!
May. 3rd, 2007 12:58 am (UTC)
It's possible that those are the reasons why you could marry into the family.

(Now, to attempt to explain Brian's Kim.....hmmmm.)
May. 3rd, 2007 01:00 am (UTC)
And someday, I want the living room story, you know :) For the family history. It can follow the cannibal story.

May. 3rd, 2007 11:43 pm (UTC)
Happy anniversary!
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