June 2nd, 2013

xmas me


So, after a coolness that lingered, to be fair, far longer than I could have expected, until May, summer has most definitely arrived.


And we aren't to the worst of it yet. (Hello, upcoming August and September.)

I once loved summer. And even now, I can still see its highlights: cheesy summer action movies. Cheap and abundant fruit. (Rumors that I turn into a watermelon in June and July are not entirely without basis. Also, cherries.) The heavy, pounding rains with the vicious lightning storms. The way everything pulses with growth.


For the last several years, Things Have Gone Badly in June. Very badly. I have reached the point where I can't exactly say I'm bracing for whatever will go wrong in June, just kinda resigned to whatever it will be. And for the last several years, summer means entrapment. Between the rains, the heat, and the dizziness, my ability to ride my beloved trike is greatly limited to early morning hours and the occasional rare late post-rain afternoon, when I'm lucky. The places I can reach on my own, without help, shrink. I generally have a lot more bad days in the summer. Rather than choosing to enjoy a lovely couch and bed and two fuzzy cats and the wonder that is the internet and watching the multiple birds and butterflies that have chosen to visit the yard, I am here.

Fortunately, our little downtown area, which I can still reach in the morning, has greatly expanded since I got here, offering several options. The library still offers many tempting books. I have one of those lovely lawn anti-gravity chairs where I can stretch my legs under a large tree which whispers, rest beneath my shade and dream of living things.

I just made some homemade ice cream, something I do only in the summer. Passion fruits are falling from the vines outside, and they require ice cream. Require it. And I'll be waiting to watch the heavy summer rains.