December 30th, 2012

xmas me

Random thoughts

1. I leave LJ and blogging for a few days, and return to see various people who haven't been on LJ for months or years returning to say that Facebook isn't the same and they miss LJ for various reasons but nobody seems to be around anymore...again, just as I was gone. Heh.

2. Part of the absence has been exhaustion, and part the new TV and Bluray player, which, yay! (I was getting ready to buy this -- well, the TV -- and then it was bought for me, which was awesomely convenient.) I was really not prepared for the difference between a 25 inch screen and a 46 inch screen -- oh, sure, I've seen it in stores and at other homes, but it's a bit different when it's at your own house.

I must say though that the difference between Bluray and DVD? Not as much as I'd thought it would be, though, to be fair, I'm so struck by the improvement in the screen size and picture quality (all of the DVDs look MUCH BETTER) that I may be missing more subtle differences, and I've only watched one Bluray (The Avengers) so far. Usually I'd add, "We shall see," with this, but since I pretty much get all of my DVDs from the library, which has not started purchasing Blurays yet, I may not see for a bit.

3. The weather has hit perfection -- nights just chilly enough to remind us what season it is and to give us an excellent excuse for hot chocolate and cider (not that I really need an excuse for either), days brightly sunny, interrupted by properly fierce storms yesterday.

4. And happy birthdays to both [profile] malterre and [profile] acwise!!!!