July 30th, 2012

xmas me

Catching up on a Monday morning:

1. Regarding NBC's Sunday coverage, I can do no better than to quote Jeff Weiner of the Orlando Sentinel: "Dear @NBC, despite what you think, people will turn in in droves to watch live sports on a Sunday afternoon – Sincerely, the NFL." Yes. That.

2. Despite that and interrupted viewing anyway from various causes, the synchronized diving? Awesome. I am especially in love with the swimsuits from the Chinese diving pair which manage to be gorgeous, flattering and practical and probably one reason they won the gold medal, but also delighted to see two people absolutely thrilled to win a silver medal at the Olympics. Because, yes, that is an amazing accomplishment – just getting to the Olympics is an amazing accomplishment, for that matter – and doing so by spinning after leaping off a diving board, yay.

3. Gymnastics? Continues to terrify me.

4. Tor.com posts? Continue to get done with this in the background. Fiction? Still slow. Very slow. Frozen honey moves faster. But I don't really think I can blame the Olympics for this. (Or so I tell myself.) But I did finish a small piece of flash fiction this morning, quite by accident, which has done wonders for my mood.

5. H and I saw not one, not two, but THREE bald eagles yesterday -- one a juvenile. And a bunny rabbit quickly getting beneath the nearest cover. Today, the lawn was visited by a flock of ibises. We're nowhere near the flocks of birds Audubon described when he made his first visit to Florida, but I keep hoping we are inching back.

5. On a rather less pleasant subject, the Readercon Board of Directors statement is here, the petition protesting that statement is here, and yes, to confirm the multiple emails I have been getting on this, I believe Walling is one of the people referenced here I say "I believe" because it has been three years, I do have a neurological disorder which is playing havoc with my memory, and although Walling is a fellow Tor.com blogger, I did not connect the name with the face until Friday. Nor was he the worst person I encountered at Readercon.

I could say a great deal more, but I think plenty of pixels have been spilled on this already. Moving on!

6. Ben Payne has a few words regarding these sorts of blog pile ups here. (He says he doesn't mean me, but I'm pretty sure he does.)

7. And a more cheerful note, if you think YOU have problems, check out indignities suffered by this poor cat. Oh, the FELINITY.
xmas me


Strange Horizons just published my poem, Sisters.

Usually by the time I actually manage to publish a poem I've forgotten why I wrote it in the first place. In this particular case, however, the myth it is loosely based on has haunted me for some time, mostly because of the numbers involved. 50 sisters! All ready to marry at once. 50 sisters! I tried to write a short story focused on one of them, but it flopped, so this is the result instead.