July 14th, 2012

xmas me

Awesome things

1. MY TRIKE OF AWESOMENESS IS BACK, EVERYONE! AND it has a shiny new motor AND the tires are all properly inflated AND the axle works AND it goes zip zip zip. I AM AWESOME AGAIN.

....of course once I got back I found out that I had, um, kinda left the bike chain and the combination lock in a major puddle AND um, kinda left the tarp in a crumpled state so that it had accumulated a small lake, but I think the shining sun will soon fix that.

2. The popcorn and fudge store agreed that this was a Fudge Worthy Moment.

3. I love Wheelworks, the bike store, but wow, on Saturdays it can be a bit intimidating -- the place caters to the sort of cyclists who casually drop in and say, oh, yes, did 100 miles today, or do sprint cycling (which is apparently different?) or have 12 bicycles AND four recumbent trikes and so on and can list about 300 bike trails without even thinking about it. I know so little about regular cycling that it is rather sad.

On the other hand these are the sorts of people (customers and staff) who can tell me, in detail, about composite materials (for an ultralight weight trike) and balance and wheel issues and work with enough disabled people that they can immediately recommend the right sort of gloves depending on needs.

4. I am making homemade vanilla ice cream.

5. Did I mention the sun is shining and life is pretty awesome?

(Sad, how dependent my mood is on this trike. And, well, ice cream. I know.)