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January 2nd, 2007


1) So apparently I have all sorts of uses in life. For example, I'm an excellent excuse for skipping out of post funeral arrangements, going to underused Italian restaurants, and getting freaked out about coral tanks. Who knew?

2) Good way to end the old year: a lovely stomp through snow laden trees, even though the snow was melting off them. And not just because T and I just happened to have chocolate on hand to nibble on during the tromp, which I have decided is a necessary component of all snow stomping walks.

3) Alas, the snow has vanished. On the other hand, the vanishing snow allowed me to spend part of the first day of the year walking with norda, and inhibing lots of marvelously warm tea.

4) Speaking of norda....just one hour with her got me nicely wet. Heh.

5) And speaking of ending/starting times of the year -- 2006 and 2007 ended and started with perrin_o_ravnos, blue_micha, malterre, palusbuteo, F and T, board games and good jokes and hugs and yes, a sneaky kiss or two, while surrounded by a couple of tanks of fish, always a good place for these moments. And we also got to watch fricken laser beams, man! And bits of alcohol, including something called an orange dreamsicle, which was quite a marvelous thing. But since I wasn't drunk...

....I got to start up the new year driving a sports car through mini-mountains and hills. Whee!

(You may be sensing a growing interest in sports cars from me. Trust these senses. We shall see what happens in 2008 with this interest.)

'Twas much fun, and much thanks to all those allowing me to join in the festivities.

6) But speaking of starting and ending...last year's New Year's Day started with Scrabble, and I had a year that focused on the twists and turns of words, where I and many others often found ourselves scrambling to find the right words, to make the right conversations out of the words and letters that we held. This year started with Carcassonne, a game that centers on placing pieces in just the right spots and allocating your resources -- your pieces -- carefully. Hmm. If I were superstitious, I might find some Deep Thoughtful Meaning in this, but upon due reflection, I've decided that the universe is telling me that I should continue inhbiing caffeine in the coming year. That, or I need to focus harder on Carcassonne so that next time I can trounce blue_micha :)

7) For the record, um, yes, I am writing, more or less, a master's thesis on coral, but trust me, I know nothing about coral, and by nothing, I mean, I really know nothing about coral. I wish this were false modesty, but alas, it is not. But perhaps by the time I earn a PhD, I may have learned just a little bit about biology, and maybe even coral.

8) And happy belated birthday to jazzhandshimmer.

Still have one more afternoon and a bit of evening to enjoy New England. I go and do that now.


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