July 16th, 2006

xmas me

Weekend notes

1) Putting CNN on in a Bank of America lobby does little to alleviate the anxiety of bank customers. Particularly these days.

2) Many of you will be relieved – more than relieved – to find that I have finally replaced the 17 year old bathrobe that was literally shredding itself in my bathroom. Sniffle. I blame – you can thank – Target, which happened to have one on sale for $12 and which, unlike Walmart, actually allows me to shop there.

3) Dean Haglund – formerly of the X-Files and The Lone Gunman -- does an outstanding improv show. If he happens to come to your area, try to catch him.

4) Alas, the Boca Raton comedy club is probably not the best place to see him. The place is cramped and poorly designed, and the less said about the service, the better. My friend L, who works in hotel management, spent several happy minutes redesigning the place in her head, but if you're the sort who prefers your comedy unmixed with interior design, this might not be the place for you. We, however, laughed ourselves nearly sick.

5) So today I headed out to a park with _val_, _riven_, athenakt and her lj-less husband, arcanazero and lindori, coldecho and assorted other people who do not have LJs (which right now is kinda a relief since it means I don't have to type more "lj user" tags). Much fun was had, along with witty and intelligent conversation that should have been blogged on the spot by various people, only it wasn't because none of us had remembered to bring laptops. I can, however, tell you that we had a nice intellectual discussion about sado masochism and bondage in 1940s Wonder Women comics. Intellectual. Really. Very intellectual.

Then we watched some two year olds whack a piñata. It was that sort of party.

6) So, heeding the calls of multiple people who have suggested, with extreme cause, that my current floor lamp in the living room needs to be hastened to an immediate death, and not merely because of its ominous purple light, I followed this with some intense floor lamp shopping with coldecho's appalled help, and I just have to ask: Have stores selling floor lamps lost all sense of style and taste?

Admittedly, I did find several candidates for the "World's Ugliest Lamp" contest, as well as a few entries for "Lamps Most Likely To Be Attacked By Cats," (apparently lamplike things covered in an bamboo like cover that bears a suspicious resemblance to a cat scratching post are in this year) but since neither was the precise object of my search, I regret to inform you all that the purple lamp remains in place.

7) Because of the distinct lack of success of the floor lamp search, we saw Pirates again. About 45 minutes through, I realized something: not one single character cared one bit about floor lamps. Oh, every once in awhile they'd get excited about a lantern, or a candle, or swing on a candle laden chandelier, but floor lamps – no.

Of course, they were also being chased by scary zombie pirates, so, you know, perhaps a change of career into a focus on interior design instead of piracy might not have been a bad idea -- but that would have been a considerably worse movie.