May 24th, 2006

xmas me

A post of vitally unimportant stuff:

1) Is it just me, or is the new Bond the least physically attractive Bond, like, ever? I admit that I was never exactly a fan of Roger Moore, and George Lazenby was not exactly the most attractive Bond either, but, seriously, dudes. This is just wrong.

2) I have the best friends in the world, bar none. I know this, because my inbox today was filled with comics of Batman saying "Look, Monkeys!" and an e-mail with the bold announcement "WE MUST CELEBRATE WEDNESDAY!" with pictures of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

3) So I figured I would enjoy the morning properly with a nice cup of tea out on my porch before heading back to thesis work. Many of you are thinking, what a lovely idea, and those of you who know my cats are chuckling already. That's right. Since I hadn't had tea yet my fogged brain had not registered the presence of two calm and happy anhinga standing near the water, nor the various songbirds in the trees. My cats, however, unburdened by caffeine dependency, had noticed. Generally they've been relatively good about staying inside, but I guess this time, the call of the parakeet was a bit too much. So, to save the parakeet – a decision I somewhat regret now – I attempted to hook a leg around a darting cat, an action that resulted in the unfortunate loss of tea, a sudden need for the cat to run off and give himself a bath, the temporary destruction of my jeans, and a completely undisturbed morning for the birds.

4) Yes, Collapse )