May 19th, 2006

xmas me

Ah, the sweet sweet sounds of what the )(*)(&)( was that?

When I moved here, I thought I knew the flaws: the odd and completely unnecessary second sink in the bedroom, and the lack of a truly convenient convenience store less than two blocks away. As it turned out, I barely even notice the second sink (I throw things on it from time to time) and the mere thought of the distance to the convenience store has, for the most part, reminded me to keep an ample supply of coffee and cream in the place. And I also figured that the nearby golf course would be constantly filled with avid chattering golfers. As it turns out, I am living next to what must be the least popular golf course in the state. In part this is also because I am living next to one of the least maintained golf courses in the state. (Quite possibly because it's not taking in enough fees.) You know those visions of verdant, lush green courses carefully draped with trees? Replace that vision with considerably less carefully draped trees (I think a lot of them came down during Wilma) and patches of brown between the greens and you have a good idea of what type of golf course is here, which means a lot fewer people. I thoroughly approve of this.

No, as it turned out, the major flaw is the local wildlife, which includes some sort of insect or frog that starts singing at sunset and continues to sing, happily, until about 5 am, and by "sing" I mean "create a loud and obnoxious sound that can actually drown out the soundtrack of Firefly." In the morning, this sound hushes, to be replaced by the sound of horrifically happy birds. I have a lovely tree just outside the office/study window, a tree filled with many many birds, including an overly talkative parakeet, a sight and sound that makes the cats wildly happy, and by wildly happy I mean "insisting on leaping over and running over and digging claws into an innocent human more interested in sipping coffee and answering important e-mails than in allowing small cats to leap out of the window and into a bird filled tree."

Thanks to the birds and to the sunlight streaming into my bedroom window (for the first time since high school, I have a bedroom window facing east), I have become a considerably earlier riser than I am accustomed to being, although this is slowly changing as I become used to the sounds.

As a saving grace, the water separating the golf course from the complex attracts some marvelous water birds. I'm really looking forward to the winter when more water birds return (they're quiet) just to see what the water brings. Right now, an anhinga is stretching its wings out as it perches above the water, and that, with coffee, is a marvelous way to start the day.
xmas me

Series finales....

…are for the most part profoundly dissatisfying. (With the exception of Angel's last episode, which I thought was both satisfying, right, and did a very cool job of summarizing the show. I did not have the same feeling about Buffy) Part of this problem is that the episode always has a feel that something Very Important and Weighty Must Happen, and thus, we must have some Major Plot Point, or Create Some Satisfying Moment to Make Our Fans Happy Even if It Comes Off, Well, Dissatisfying, and Predictable. (Ross and Rachel getting together at the end of Friends, anyone? Sure, we could all see this coming, and sure, it made Ross and Rachel shippers happy, but the method of reaching there felt forced.) It's why I've often preferred the final episodes that didn't realize they were final episodes because of unexpected cancellations; those shows flow naturally, don't feel forced, and -- unless they end on a cliffhanger -- provide a satisfying ending, unlike the implicable mess of the last episode of X-Files. (Which, regardless of any shipper moments between Mulder and Scully, may fairly be regarded as Worst Series Finale Ever. I mean, Bar None.)

Such was Will and Grace last night. The show is also called "Me and coldecho Only With Better Clothing, except in the final episode." (What were they thinking to put Debra Messing in that god-awful bubble dress? Honestly!) The accuracy of the description was proved when coldecho refused to watch the episode with me and instead headed out to the gym. I've had mixed feelings about the show for years and only quarter watched the last three seasons. It can be marvelously, hilariously funny; it can be overly cruel; it can be dull. I love Karen even while wishing that popular television could offer a more admirable bisexual character someplace, somewhere. I love Jack, even if he is mostly a concoction of various clichés about gay men. But when the show started to head into melodrama and angst, it lost me. Not merely because I'm not usually happy to find melodrama and angst creeping into my comedy shows (although this can and has been done well on some shows), but because the melodrama and angst here felt forced, misplaced. Or perhaps I was reading too much of my own friendship into the show.

Whatever: in this last episode Collapse )