Mari Ness (mariness) wrote,
Mari Ness

The 2016 year-end round up post

And now that I think that everything due out this year is out, time for the obligatory end-of-year round up post.

For the second year in a row, my most popular work seems to have been in non-fiction, specifically the Disney Read-Watch over at, which wrapped up this year with a post on Moana. No word yet on whether I'll be covering future Disney feature length animated films - my best guess is maybe - but I will be going ahead with two other series.

Those posts ended up eating considerably more time than I'd expected, but still, although this was (apart from those posts) not a good year for writing, it was a decent year for publication: nine short stories, four flash fiction pieces, and seven poems.

If you missed them earlier, here's a list:

Short fiction:

Deathlight, at Lightspeed Magazine, May 2016

The Middle Child's Practical Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale, Fireside, May 2016.

Cat Play, Metaphorosis, January 2016.

My Own Damn Heaven, Bourbon Penn, March 2016

"Mistletoe and Copper," in An Alphabet of Embers, Stone Bird Press, July 2016, available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Coffee, Love and Leaves,, Capricious SF, July 2016.

Dragonbone, Daily Science Fiction, July 2016.

The Cat Signal, Daily Science Fiction, August 2016.

Flash fiction:

"The Game," in Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix, January 2016 available at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The one story on this list loosely based - very loosely based - on real events.

Nine Songs, in Daily Science Fiction, August 2016.

Souls, in Daily Science Fiction, October 2016.

Hundreds, in Daily Science Fiction, December 2016.


"The Heart of the Flame," in Fae Visions of the Mediterranean, May 2016. Possibly the least read piece I published this year, in an anthology that I think deserved a lot more attention, fortunately still available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

At the Center, in Kaleidotrope, June 2016

"Madrepore," in Spelling the Hours, July 2016. Arguably the second least read piece I published this year, this is part of another project deserving of attention: a chapbook of poems celebrating women scientists. It's available from Amazon.

Hamelin, A Remnant, in Through the Gate, August 2016

Three Nuts, in Through the Gate, October 2016

After Midnight, in Mythic Delirium, November 2016

Ice/Shadow in Strange Horizons, December 2016, the hands down trickiest poem to write this year and probably the one the I was proudest of, though I'm also deeply fond of "The Heart of the Flame" for purely personal reasons.
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