Mari Ness (mariness) wrote,
Mari Ness

World Fantasy Convention next week! I will be there. I will even, unusually enough, be doing things other than just hanging out at the bar and the dealer's room!

Said things:

1. Wednesday, Nov 5, 7-9 PM, Tor Books Kick-Off, Northshire Books, Saratoga Springs. Please note: a, this is the same evening my roommate arrives, so I'm not entirely sure when I will be rolling in, and b, this event is NOT at the convention, and is free and open to the public, so if you're not part of the convention, but do want to meet, say, Elizabeth Bear, L.E. Modesitt, Charlie Jane Anders (who I am NOT going to greet with "I can't believe you got to hang out with John Barrowman!" I SWEAR IT), Ilana Myer, Fran Wilde, Cat Valente, Scott Lynch, Tina Connolly and many more, this is your event.

Also, apparently, there will be beer.

(And also also, I think that attending this lets me out of the Tor Party that WFC typically has Friday/Saturday, which is a great party with free booze that is also far too noisy and crowded for me to handle these days.)

2. Friday, Nov 6, 1 - 2 PM, "What Does Epic Fantasy Owe the the Literary Epic Tradition?" Also on this panel: Stephen Donaldson, Sarah Avery, David Hartwell, and Darrell Schweitzer. I'm a bit nervous about this one - not because of the topic or the panelists, but because at previous cons I've tended to be pretty sick by/on Friday afternoons, although I'm usually better by the evening. So my attendance at this one is not guaranteed.


3. Friday, November 6, 5:30 pm, Reading

So yay, my first reading ever at a World Fantasy Con, and beyond the major problem that I have no idea what to read, the slight problem that Friday, as said, often sick. That said, I've often been better by late afternoon/evening, so fingers crossed that I will make it to this reading and be slightly coherent during it.

(This reading will probably contain one brief excerpt from my forthcoming book/poem, and ... something else. Possibly a story, possibly an excerpt from another book length project, possibly, especially if I panic, limericks.)

4. Saturday, November 7, 1 pm, "Anthropology and Archaeology." Fortunately, the other panelists on this one - Meg Turville-Heitz, Shauna Roberts, Kelly Robson and Rosemary Smith DO know what they are talking about.

Otherwise, as usual, I'll be mostly at the bar - or, in this case, one of two bars. Based on the progress report sent out, the main bar is too small to hold us, so we are being divided into two bars. Partly separated, it seems, by upstate New York cold. Whee!
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