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Copper, Iron, Blood and Love

xmas me
My short story Copper, Iron, Blood and Love just popped up at Apex Magazine, along with fiction by Richard Bowes and (yay!) Jay Lake and (yay yay) an article by Julia Rios (better known around these parts as [personal profile] skogkatt on QUILTBAG speculative fiction. This isn't the first time I've had the pleasure of sharing a TOC with Julia, but it is the first time I've appeared with Jay Lake, so, allow me to squee a bit for a moment.

There, that's better.

Copper, Iron, Blood and Love originally started out as part of my series of flash fiction pieces exploring fairy tales, which I'd returned to after too long an absence. (On a related note, you should be seeing a couple more of those popping up later this year.) About three sentences in I realized that I had a bit more to explore here.

In dark stories of this type I often find myself following Shakespeare's example and throwing in little in jokes to lighten my mood. I pulled most of them out, but a couple still remain in this one, including one that became one of my favorite bits of everything I wrote last year. It's one of the main reasons I'm quite -- well, more than quite -- fond of this particular little tale, even if it didn't quite fulfill the purpose I had in mind when I started typing.

Edit: I am reminded that those of you with ereaders might want to pop over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble (Nook) or Weightless Books to pick up this issue for only $2.99 -- helps support Apex and gives you a little copy to carry around. That said I just checked and Barnes and Noble hasn't put the March issue up quite yet....but soon.


xmas me
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