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As a follow-up:

xmas me
This, BP, is your actual image problem:


xmas me
Been a bit silent over here thanks to the need to focus on one of those irritating to frustrating to auugh I don't want to do this anymore I FEEL SICK Real Life Things, a project that has left me in the sort of mood where I could start a flame war about pretty much anything anywhere, which might be fun, but, probably unhelpful. (I sense that this will be a cue to many of you to start defending the squirrels or Milli Vanilli.)

To keep myself sane through this, I've finally gotten around to reading through all of the archives for Questionable Content. Long term readers will not be at all surprised to learn that this was the strip that won my hardened little cynical heart, but apart from the display of an Appropriate Squirrel Attitude, I have to say that Questionable Content reads much better when you do read it like this – through the entire archive, rather than in daily snippets; it's not just addictive, but surprisingly absorbing. (I found that when I was just catching strips here and there, it was amusing, but I had problems following what was going on, especially since some of the characters, especially in early strips, are easy to confuse visually if you aren't paying regular attention.)

(Plus, I kinda like to think I'm a bit like Dora. Admittedly I'm probably more like Faye, only less focused and with less interesting musical tastes, but, let's all spare me my illusions, shall we?)

In other bits, I note with amusement that BP is upset about a parody Twitter feed. Dudes, far be it for me to, you know, give you public relations advice, but I have to say that someone making fun of you on Twitter is probably the least of your problems right now.


xmas me
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