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Nameless and A Different Rain

xmas me
My two short recent short stories for Daily Science Fiction, Nameless and A Different Rain, are now up at the main Daily Science Fiction site.

Like many of my flash fiction stories, "A Different Rain" was written in a flash of irritation, this time at the very happy and very loud next door neighbor children who appear to believe that play is best interspersed with screaming. I was beginning to feel miserable, and it rained, which initially caused more screams, and then blessed, blessed silence, except for the rain. That did not take too long to write up.

"Nameless" is a bit different. That story initially began as a flash fiction piece, a joke about my inability to name characters. Slowly I realized it was turning into something more. It took me forever to find the end of the story, however; this was a piece that came together in bits and pieces.

"Nameless" is set in the same Stoneverse (my new name for it) as Trickster and In the Pits of Isfhan, although in a different time and place than either. I'm hoping to continue to add tales in this world, bit by bit.

In the Pits of Isfhan

xmas me
My short story, In the Pits of Isfhan is up at The Red Penny Papers today.

A few points about this: one, this is my seventh published short story this year, a big jump from last year's three published short stories (not counting flash fiction and poetry). Two, this story was featured as the cover story and illustration, which is new for me and pretty. Three, it's not easy to tell, I admit, but although this story was written much earlier, it's in the same setting as Trickster -- different planet, same multiverse, nyagon -- and Love in the Absence of Mosquitoes (although with that story, it's more that one of the characters makes an appearance in at least one and hopefully more stories set in this multiverse; when I wrote that, I set it in a future Earth, and was quite surprised when a character decided to walk into another tale, giving me the chance to learn much more about her. As these things happen, I suppose.)

These three stories are remarkably different -- fantasy, fantasy/science fiction (yes, the references in "Trickster" that sounded vaguely like computer equipment were computer equipment) and pure science fiction -- which gives me some hope that this flexibility can continue in future stories.

And with that I'm pretty sure this ends publications for 2011, except for the last two posts for the year. Don't be too down -- I have a few things popping up in 2012. I'll probably do a general summary of 2011 sometime in the next two weeks.


xmas me
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