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Weekend tidbits:

xmas me
1. Nothing, but nothing, expresses the joy of the holiday season more than a rampaging fight between a small plastic monkey that doubles as a weapon and a small rubber duckie that doubles as a weapon.

2. However, I think that aiming the monkey at various helpless neighbours and the sky may be been a bit much.

3. The evening after monkey games, you may just find yourself saying that you were playing with a monkey and getting off the monkey and thinking of spanking the monkey in all kinds of ways that could be severely open to misinterpretation. Just warning you, in case you end up playing with your own monkey.

4. So we're sitting in the movie theatre, waiting for The Golden Compass to begin, when they run the usual little segment reminding us to please turn off our cell phones, and the cell phone on the screen rings, followed immediately by coldecho's phone ringing. Sometimes, it's all in the timing.

5. Speaking of The Golden Compass: visually, the film is spectacular, and the CGI effects marvelous. Nicole Kidman is superb. And the film has bears. Lots of bears. But it's also rushed in places and overly slow in other places, wasting what could be outstanding performances (Christopher Lee, as just one example, is on screen for perhaps 20 seconds; Derek Jacobi stretches out his role for 45 seconds) and on a not so small quibble, instead of allowing us -- and Lyra -- to find out about this world and its mysteries and Dust, the movie decides to spend the first few minutes explaining it all.

Random bits for today:

xmas me
1) You must, but must, read the comments. Even if, after reading this, you may never drink milk again for fear of being invaded by random Tuscan gods, or finding yourself compelled to write horrific poetry, either way.

2) Giving a slightly different meaning to "spanking the monkey." Sometimes, one wonders.

3) Yes, the cover for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is pretty, but more significantly, look at what Scholastic has done with the website here. Coolness. On another note, how did an entire day pass with only me and athenakt taking note of this on LJ?
xmas me
Number of dolphins: 0

Number of manatees: 0

Number of kayakers in the "Absolutely no kayaking or boating permitted Manatee Protection Zone": 8

Number of people breaking the 15-mile-per-hour manatee speed zone area in the intercoastal: 6

Number of times I employed the extremely cool radar speed gun to find this out: 52.

Number of osprey: 4

Number of deranged monkeys who suddenly leapt from nearby buttonwood trees into the boat while we were attempting to take pictures of one of the ospreys and then jumped around and around and around on the boat, yowling wildly and grabbing a Coke can and flinging said Coke can into the canal before chittering in fear after realizing that he was in a boat completely surrounded by water: 1.

Number of realizations that I should not have taken the Coke on the boat: 1.

Number of rings at Broward County Animal Control Hotline before we gave up: 16.

Number of threats to throw the monkey into the canal: 3.

Number of observations that this was supposed to be a marine mammal observation trip, not a monkey observation trip: 1.

Number of people needed to help steer the boat carefully to the rock wall and the buttonwood trees so that the monkey could get off the boat: 3.

Number of people on the boat: 5.

Minutes spent waiting for the monkey to get off the boat: 6.

Ospreys, manatees and dolphins observed during that time: 0.

Assurances by the professor that monkeys typically do not join surveys of dolphins, manatees and ospreys: Lost count.

Number of osprey sighted by me before anyone else saw them: 2.

Number of anhinga misidentified by me as osprey: 3. (After that I just said, "Bird!" since, after all, this was a correct observation.)

Number of pelicans: 23.


xmas me
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