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So while shopping for Twin Peaks snacks, on a whim, I bought a couple of these yesterday, cheerfully described by Target as ideal for TV watching and video game purposes.

I don't exactly want to dispute Target here, because yes, said chair was put to precisely that purpose yesterday afternoon, and for a $15 dollar chair, it was quite comfy, rocked well, and could almost accommodate one person and one cat. (It probably could accommodate one person and one cat if the cat would be more willing to compromise on the seating arrangements.) But once I got the chair home and unfolded it and sat in it, I realized that Target's marketing department was clearly missing a prime opportunity here, since not only can the chair easily be adjusted to different angels, allowing the user to recline and rock at multiple angles, and not only is the chair at a lovely low angle to the floor or, potentially, to the top of a bed (the chair is extremely lightweight and should not damage a mattress, although admittedly I have not tested this concept even on my own already damaged one), but, and this is the best part, the chair kindly leaves a human pelvis tilted at a marvelously approachable angle.

And did I mention that it's also nicely cushioned and soft and provides surprisingly decent lumbar support for any activities that it might inspire?

Especially recommended for situations involving multiple people.

"Wow," said an eager straight male, after one glance at the chair. "We are so getting one."

This has been presented to you as a public service announcement.

Today's tidbits

xmas me
1) Gulp. This news we so did not need: From hummingwolf and alexjay : the threat to chocolate. Panicking? This site has been created to help.

2) I so need this. Yes, yes. Need. Really. Thanks to devinjay .

3) Because zero gravity should be the goal of every office chair. (As a sidenote to the publicity person that sent this to me, we might have an easier time convincing our purchasing guys to buy this for us if you weren't also showcasing so many people sleeping in this chair on the website.)

4) Putting the badness of your day into perspective.

5) Superman, beware. I'm disappointed, though, to find that the color is all wrong.

6) Harry Potter fans, skip the stuff about the Simpsons, and read the last few paragraphs here.

I don't usually say "skip the stuff about the Simpsons," but anything that might get me to venture to Universal Studios' parking lot from hell is worth speculating about. And a Harry Potter ride might, indeed, get me back through that parking lot. (I will, however, continue to bitch about it.) I find myself skeptical about those last few paragraphs, though – Harry Potter is a Warner Brothers property, and Warner Brothers has commercial tie ins with rival theme parks. So let's just call this an interesting rumour for now.

7) And while we're on the subject of Harry Potter -- the international trailer for the next movie.


xmas me
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