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So much for the intelligent campaign angle

Having spent the last few days watching, with mingled horror and amusement, the U.S. presidential campaign disintegrate into a reality TV show, complete with illegal moose shootings, gillnet fishing permit thingies (this one was probably just me, and it shouldn't have been – this is one area Governor Palin unquestionably is familiar with and should be voicing her opinions on), bikinis, earnest discussion of female waistlines, Alaskan geography lessons, DWIs, pregnancies, spousal abuse, shooting wolves from helicopters (actually, this is a serious one, since it speaks directly to Palin's views on conservation biology and ecomanagement), the Alaskan Independence Party, Buchanan buttons, lying about bridges to nowhere, Troopergate, running political action committees for, god help us, Ted Stevens, beauty pageants, Pledge of Allegiance issues and more, I can readily see that my admittedly naive hopes of having a semi-serious presidential election have just completely disintegrated and we may as well sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride, which does at least have the positive side benefit of finally eliminating all nostalgia for the soap opera run of Grover Cleveland.

Having said that, Senator McCain, should you and Governor Palin win in November, I beg you to do a better job of vetting your Cabinet appointments. (Yes, I am quite aware that the pick was intended to shore up the conservative base, and as far as that went, well done. Entertainment angle: awesomely done. Raising the level of meaningful political discourse in an election year: EPIC FAIL.)

In related news, coldecho and I shall be doing our clear American duty of wasting the day doing utterly frivolous, unthinking things, this time, doing it with the clear tacit support of the American media and politicians. Well, we might have a few deep intellectual conversations about zombies, because that's who we are, but otherwise, we shall follow the guidelines set out by the media.


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