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Other matters

1. It hasn't been all hotel hell. I also popped into the ROM, met up with [personal profile] trouble at last, and found a store selling jade items that would make my father's heart sing.

2. Yes, I did think of heading to the more expensive hotel this morning, but....it really, really pisses me off that I was not told about this, even when I made the reservation and said, hey, I am coming for a convention at your hotel and will be bringing an elevator. If I had been told in advance that the Best Western had no elevator I could have budgeted for the Sheraton. To find out after arriving....

On a very minor note the main entrance to the convention center is a lovely series of waterfalls and stairs. No wheelchair accessibility -- you have to enter through the mall or through the Sheraton.

3. Also helping: I've already met up with a couple of people and caught up with Karen Lord in between her socializing, so that's a plus.

4. But the thought of that steep and long ramp (carpeted, just to add to the fun) is really depressing me.

5. On a completely different note, Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to Tor's offices. Since I didn't get this week's posts in until the weekend, there will probably be no Tor.com posts this week.

Going to rest a bit more and then see if I feel like peering out.

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