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Quick TV update

The new fall TV season is upon us, and...er, I haven't been keeping up. I can say that Castle is still ridiculous and needs to avoid conspiracy theories, but, you know, Stana Katic in a bra, not a bad look; Revenge is still unexpectedly, marvelously over the top and awesome (I mean, really. This season started with Exploded Boat, Dead Floating Arm, and Scuba Divers in its first minute and a half, in but the first of many, many over the top moments, with bonus Mysterious Dude With British Accent); for all of my praise of Revenge's over the top moments, 666 Park Avenue needs to learn that less is more, and that violins are very very expensive and should not be gratuitously smashed just because you think a demon isn't going to let you leave your apartment, and, sure, I realize New York City has housing issues but let's be realistic for a moment, so I probably won't be bothering with the rest of the show; enough people have asked me to snark Revolution (which, no, I haven't seen yet) that I am genuinely concerned; and Allo! Allo! is still hilarious and David Suchet is a great Poirot.


So, still forthcoming on the blog, possibly: comments on season two of Game of Thrones, comments on Grimm, and Mari Gets Annoyed at Once Upon a Time again without even seeing this season yet. (I caught the last minute while turning on the TV for Revenge. And, oh, yes, if I can brave it, snark on Revolution. It can't be as bad as you are all saying, can it?

(I'm holding off on Elementary for a bit as well.)

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